Course Description

This 5-minute meditation can be downloaded to your cell phone, iPad or computer and listened to literally anytime! Here are some great occasions to use the mini-meditation:

  • In the car before you go into the house after a busy work day or just running errands
  • When you are at the doctors' or dentists' office and have some time before your appointment
  • During the day if you feel tired or frazzled and just need to decompress
  • If you just experienced some strong emotions or are feeling a bit out of sorts
  • Before you do start into a project or task and want to feel focused and grounded

I hope you enjoy the meditation and if you practice it at least a day I know you will start to feel a difference in your ability to live each day with peace, passion and purpose!


Life purpose and cancer healing coach & meditation teacher

Jackie Roberge

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    Listen Now and Start Meditating!

    • Jackie's 5 Minute Peacefullife Mini-Meditation