Course Description

These 3 videos will help you understand more about the powerful, indeed life-changing, benefits of meditation and how you can create a regular practice that is right for you. I also share how empowering beliefs and other spiritual practices like mindfulness can help you have more influence over your thoughts, emotions and behavior so that you can be the best version of you, in alignment with your values and who you truly want to be as a person, co-worker, spouse, friend, parent or sibling!

I hope you enjoy the videos and that they help you on your journey to a life with abundant peace, passion and purpose!


Life purpose and cancer healing coach & meditation teacher

Jackie Roberge

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Training Video 1 - How meditation helps your immune system

    • Video 1 Can Meditation Boost your Immune System?

    • 3-Part Video Series Outline

  • 2

    Training Video 2 Emotional Health

    • Video 2 Ready to improve your Emotional Health?

    • Be your most patient, grounded self!

  • 3

    Training Video 3 Develop a Meditation Practice

    • Video 3 - Four Secrets to develop a daily Meditation Practice

    • Take it to the next step!

Taking Spiritual Practices to the Next Level!

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