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4 Guided Meditations to help you reach deep states of relaxation and rejuvenation! | taught by Jackie Roberge

Course description

This bundle includes the following guided meditations for your enjoyment and to bring more peace and relaxation into your days and nights!

  1. A 16 minute immune booster guided meditation and visualization - this will help you energize and stimulate your immune system!
  2. A 15-minute guided mindfulness meditation - a great meditation for anyone but particularly for beginner meditators!
  3. A Drive at Five guided relaxation - an ideal way to transition from work to fun or calm evening activities. You can listen to this in the car, on the bus or whenever you want to shift to a relaxed state!
  4. A 15-minute Sweet Dreams meditation - an ideal way to release tension and forget about your day as you drift into a deep sleep!

Jackie Roberge
Jackie Roberge
Life purpose and cancer healing coach & meditation teacher