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Here is a 10-minute guided meditation that was channeled to me and will help you deeply relax while feeling and visualizing healing taking place throughout your body.

Feeling and visualizing healing taking place actually helps the body do its job! The body does not know the difference between reality and a created thought. Just like in a scary movie, there is no REAL danger but the body responses with sweaty palms and an increased heart rate! In the case of this meditation, the body will respond by facilitating the healing that needs to be done in the moment and, when used regularly, over time will encourage deep healing to take place.

It is a very powerful meditation - but don't take my word for it...

Testimonial from a recent Cancer - Friend, Foe or Messenger course participant:

I want to let you know that I find the deep healing meditation very powerful and helpful for me-----it has led me to believe more strongly in my ability to heal myself and has also led me to identify at least one area of my life on which I need to devote some time and that is unconditional love.

- Darlene (Montreal)

Testimonial from a Deep Healing meditator:

I wanted to thank you for your amazing, and powerful 10- min (deep healing) meditation. It has become my favorite!
I am dealing with colon cancer, and having success treating it with a naturopathic approach.
My tumor has shrunk 22% and my previously impacted lymph nodes are totally clear!

Meditation is a big part of my regimen and I am so glad I discovered you and your meditations! Thanks for all you do!
- Mary (Florida)

I have also included a short e-book to help you start a regular practice and maximize your meditation & visualization results.


Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

Jackie Roberge

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    Deep Healing Meditation

    • Deep Healing Guided Meditation

    • How to Maximize your Meditation & Visualization Results