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Meditation is a very powerful tool in the healing process. Based on my personal experience (22 years of meditating 2x/day) I would argue, and science is starting to confirm the benefits, that it is the most important thing that cancer you can do on your own to support your healing from cancer in terms of:

  • physical (immune system, energy level),
  • emotional (stay more grounded, less stressed & overwhelmed, more in control of your emotions) and
  • spiritual health (feeling like you are being guided and supported on your journey towards a purposeful, fulfilling life)!

This bundle contains 7 guided meditations and an e-book to help you on your journey to greater levels of peace and wellness!

1) Deep Healing is a 10-minute guided meditation that was channeled to me and will help you deeply relax while feeling and visualizing healing taking place throughout your body. It is a very unique and powerful experience - enjoy!

Testimonial from a recent Cancer - Friend, Foe or Messenger course participant:

I want to let you know that I find the deep healing meditation very powerful and helpful for me-----it has led me to believe more strongly in my ability to heal myself and has also led me to identify at least one area of my life on which I need to devote some time and that is unconditional love.

- Darlene (Montreal)

Testimonial from a Deep Healing meditator:

I wanted to thank you for your amazing, and powerful 10- min (deep healing) meditation. It has become my favorite!
I am dealing with colon cancer, and having success treating it with a naturopathic approach.
My tumor has shrunk 22% and my previously impacted lymph nodes are totally clear!

Meditation is a big part of my regimen and I am so glad I discovered you and your meditations! Thanks for all you do!
- Mary (Florida)

2) Immune Booster Meditation is a 15-minute meditation will help you feel and visualize your immune system working at its full potential, able to deal with any cancer cells in your body.

3) Pre-surgery is a 15-minute guided meditation and visualization is a great way to prepare yourself for an upcoming surgery or treatment. You will use positive affirmations and visualization to help you feel more relaxed and confident regarding the surgery itself.

4) Surgery Meditation is a 20-minute meditation to help you stay calm and confident throughout your surgery - to be listened to live or before your surgery.

5) Chemotherapy Meditation - a 15-minute meditation designed to be listened during your chemotherapy treatments. During the session you will visualize the medication doing its job of detecting and eliminating cancer cells and your body then promptly and efficiently flushing out and cleansing your system.

6) Sweet Dreams is an 18-minute guided meditation that will help you unwind from a busy day, quiet your mind and release any built up tension in the body. Often it is hard to 'turn off' our mind at the end of the day. This meditation will help you do it effortlessly.

7) Mini Meditation is a 5-minute meditation that is great to use on the go or any time you want to quickly let go of tension or stress and shift to a state of greater relaxation or to get a boost of energy.

Also included is a short e-book that will help you understand and believe in the power of visualization and also help you in terms of starting a regular meditation practice.

Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

Jackie Roberge

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Seven Guided Meditations to help you on your healing journey!

    • Guided Immune Booster Meditation

    • Deep Healing Meditation

    • Pre-surgery Meditation & Visualization

    • Surgery Meditation

    • Chemotherapy Guided Meditation & Visualization

    • Sweet Dreams Guided Meditation & Visualization

    • Mini-meditation

    • How to maximize the efffectiveness of your visualization e-book

    • The Most Important Tool for Cancer Patients

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