Course Description

Imagine shifting from disbelief and fear to knowing what to do to heal your body and your life!

Often people's first reaction to a cancer diagnosis is surprise and disbelief. This can't be happening to me. I have taken care of myself, eaten well and exercised regularly - it just doesn't make sense. When I interviewed Wayne Dyer about his cancer diagnosis he said his first reaction was 'there must be a mistake, I don't do cancer.' Yet Wayne just like so many others moved through the initial shock and started to explore and try to understand why the cancer appeared in his life at that time and what he could do to heal his body and various parts of his life.

Your cancer may be a wake up call, pointing towards something that is amiss in your life

I have done extensive research on the higher purpose or role that disease can play. One of the main things that disease brings to people is a wake up call. A 'time out' to evaluate different aspects of life and to see where there may be imbalances, tension or lack of harmony. The diagnosis is a message that you should stop and take a break from work or your daily activities and really look at what may be causing you stress or anxiety. Are there issues that you have avoided addressing? Is something out of alignment with your values? You may simply be feeling a general lack of fulfillment that is hard to pinpoint or justify. Your life is pretty good but it has lost some of its zest. You are questioning the direction you are heading and feel a sadness and lack of motivation that may be draining your energy.

Well now is the time, the time to go within, get quiet and get in touch with your soul. What is it trying to tell you? How is it guiding you?

Alternatively, your cancer may be guiding you towards your higher purpose

Your cancer could also be a message that it is time to take a new path in life, one that is more fulfilling or more aligned with your values and who you are as a person. Your cancer may be your 'call' to do your life's work. I often see people who become very passionate about something that they experience on their healing journey and want to share it with the world. This is the case for Joyce O'Brien who will be my special guest during week 1 of the course. Joyce went from being a busy, stressed out Wall Street executive to becoming an author, speaker and vital health consultant after she and her husband both healed (against all odds) from late stage cancers. She found her passion and it helped transform her health and her life.

Here is a statistic from the Cancer Recovery Foundation:

  • 8 in 10 survivors feel their life has a higher purpose, a mission. They perceive they have work that remains to be done and that they were given more life, in part, to fulfill this calling.

Here is a quote from a cancer thrive and my special guest for week 6:

  • I’ve had a lifetime of adventure ~ traveled and lived in many places, studied with lots of teachers and had several careers as I searched for my purpose and gift. Everything came into focus as a result of being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989. That was an earthquake in my life and became the catalyst for deep personal exploration and growth.
  • Barbara Musser, Creator of Sexy after Cancer

    Here are some shifts the course will help you make to facilitate learning & healing!

    A shift from...

    • Fear and anxiety to acceptance and empowerment
    • Anger to greater peace, non-judgement and curiosity
    • Thinking your body has let you down to believing in its incredible intelligence & healing power
    • Pleasing others to understanding and voicing your needs
    • Being hard on yourself to greater self love and daily nurturing
    • Seeing cancer as life-threatening to seeing it as a potentially life-enhancing experience
    • Treating your cancer as the enemy to seeing your cancer as a messenger to learn from
    • Feeling sad and heavy to discovering something that makes you passionate and ignites your spirit!

    Learn to stay calm, turn within and tap into the messages your cancer is sharing

    The only way to ensure staying cancer-free in the long term is to have a strong immune system. Stress and anxiety work against the optimal functioning of the immune system. I will be sharing tools, practices and principles that will help you stay calm and grounded in order to optimize your immune response and tune into inner guidance so you can learn the language that your cancer is using to help you accelerate deep healing.

    In order to receive the guidance and facilitate your emotional and physical healing, it is necessary to be at peace with what is - working from what I call a 'place of peace'. Fighting, resistance and anger simply create tensions that weaken your immune response and go against your natural ability to receive the guidance that you need to get and stay well.

    Specific results you will get from taking the course:

    • A completely different view of your cancer and an understanding of why it appeared in your life
    • Confidence that you are taking important steps to facilitate deep & lasting healing
    • Empowerment – knowing that you are making a difference everyday in terms of your healing
    • Ability to listen to your body and respond to its call for attention
    • A specific profile of cancer patients and thrivers
    • Ability to love yourself and put your needs first - without feeling guilty!
    • More passion & energy and inspiration to create a vibrant, dynamic, fulfilling life!

    Course Outline:

    Week 1 Oct. 25th: Seeing your diagnosis in a new light

    • Guest interview with Joyce O'Brien - 15 year stage-4 cancer thriver and author of the book Choose to Live will be talking about how she feels blessed by her cancer experience and the changes it allowed her to make in so many important areas of her life.
    • The Cancershift paradigm shift - from life threatening to potentially life-enhancing & why
    • Meditation - how it can boost your immune system & keep you more grounded
    • How to listen & learn from your body
    • Creating a place of peace & acceptance - learning how to practice non-judgement & why it is so crucial
    • Cancer as a wake up call - what is the message?
    • Gratitude - a powerful healing tool
    • Bonuses:
      • Cancershift Immune Booster Guided Meditation
      • E-book - How visualization works & how to optimize its impact on your health

    Week 2 Nov. 1st: Shifting from fear to faith

    • Guest interview with Ty Bollinger - Medical researcher, health consultant, nutrition specialist, founder of The Truth about Cancer and author of Cancer - Step Outside the Box. Ty will be sharing his knowledge of the effects of fear on our immune system.
    • Shifting from fear to faith - one life changing belief & how to adopt that belief
    • Definition of health - a surprising element in the healing equation
    • The healing process - order of priority healing & why it matters
    • Fear - what is it and how do you create it?
    • The effect of fear - on the body and your life
    • Strong emotions - how to identify & develop the ability to influence them
    • Mindfulness & present moment living
    • Shifting from fear to empowered action exercise
    • Bonuses:
      • Cancershift Deep Healing Guided Meditation
      • 3-Part Video series - the healing power of meditation, how to develop a regular practice & how to gain more control over your emotions and emotional well-being!

    Week 3 Nov. 8th: Turning inwards for guidance

    • Guest interview with Dr. Dean Shrock - mind-body-spirit expert, author of several best selling books (including Doctor's Orders Go Fishing & Why Love Heals), speaker, former director of Mind-Body Medicine for a group of 40 physucian managed cancer centres in the US.
    • What is deep healing & why is it so important?
    • Creating a place of peace - to optimize your healing & tune into guidance
    • A new view of cancer - survival mechanism, messenger?
    • Life lessons - how struggles teach us, guide us and help us to thrive
    • Ego & Soul dynamics - who is in charge?
    • Listening to your soul - guidance in its many forms
    • Guided meditation & rewriting your cancer journey
    • Understanding the language of your soul & your cancer
    • Bonus:
      • Peacefullife 5-minute mini meditation

    Week 4 Nov. 15th: The incredible healing power of the body

    • Guest interview with Dr. Madan Bali - Vedentic Scholar, 92 year old yoga teacher and healing guru will talk about the incredible healing power of the body, your internal pharmacy, how you can tap fully into the innate healing power of the body and the importance of the relaxation response in healing.
    • The importance of yoga and pranayama - releasing tensions, nourishing/cleansing cells, creating greater levels of awareness & health
    • Life priorities exercise & letting go of what no longer serves you- are you spending time & energy on what really matters to you?
    • Your secret or silent struggle - and why it is important to address it
    • The devastating effects of feeling trapped or helpless
    • Shift from feeling helpless to making conscious choices - a journey towards empowerment
    • Bonus:
      • Peacefullife 15-minute Mindfulness Guided Meditation

    Week 5 Nov. 22nd: Cancer Personality Traits & The Power of your Emotions

    • Guest interview with Dr. Susan Silberstein - founder of the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education (1977) after the death of her young husband to cancer. For 35 years, she served as the organization’s Executive Director before assuming her current position as Educational Director.
    • Review profiles of a:
      • Cancer thriver - what do thrivers do, how do they think, what makes them different?
      • Cancer patient - what traits do cancer patients have in common, how to cancer patients see and handle stress?
    • The most detrimental types of stress and how to reduce stress in your life
    • The importance of self love
    • Loving yourself everyday - how do you nurture, care for yourself everyday?
    • The importance of laughter & play
    • Forgiveness and letting go of resentment - towards yourself and others
    • Permission to empowerment exercise
    • Listening to your cancer's message - opening up to its guidance & wisdom
    • Lingering fears - identifying what may still be holding you back & why
    • Bonus:
      • Peacefullife Guided Energy Flow meditation

    Week 6 Nov. 29th: Can Cancer lead you to your Calling?

    • Guest interview - Barbara Musser, thought leader in the field of cancer and sexuality. She has worked with thousands of women, couples and health care providers to help those touched by cancer know that they are beautiful, desirable, sexy and can have a happy and healthy intimate and sexual life.
    • Inspiration & emotions - how they effect the immune system
    • Following your bliss - passion as the magic ingredient in the recipe for a fulfilling life
    • Passion Hunting exercise
    • Karmic actions
    • Taking action and your internal GPS
    • Bonuses:
      • Jackie's 10 Spiritual Principles to Live By (50 min. webinar)
      • Jackie 10 Spiritual Principles to Live By (PDF handout)

    Week 7 Dec. 6th: Bonus 1 hour question & answer call

    • Guest interview with Dr. Timothy Walker CCC, NSRPC-Co-founder, Director & Chief Spiritual Advisor - Tim is founder of the EastWind Stress Reduction Clinic and has more than 25 years’ experience integrating Mindfulness into counseling, education and healthcare. He has taught at Dalhousie and Acadia University, and at the Halifax Counselor Training Institute. In 1999, with Dr. Rob Rutledge of the Nova Scotia Cancer Centre, Tim co-founded the Skills for Healing Weekend Retreats and in 2003 the Skills for Wellness Programs for healthcare providers.
    • Bonus Q & A:
      • Keep practicing - what you have learned & what you want to commit to
      • Sharing of your experience & where to go from here
      • This is a great opportunity for participants to ask any questions and get live coaching from Jackie. If you can't make the call, you can send in your questions ahead of time and they will be answered on the call.

    Testimonials from past participants:

    During the course... 'Mostly I felt supported and deeply inspired by Jackie's life work and the bravery of the other participants sharing their journeys. Having this network, tips, support and guidance allowed me to feel empowered and re-energized me to tackle life again. Jackie is so compassionate, open, knowledgeable and just amazing!"

    'I’m getting so much out of this deep healing course. It’s been an eye opener for me, each week I learn something new, so thank you so much for offering this type of course!

    When reflecting on the higher purpose of my cancer ... I think back at how I was on the path of unhappiness before the cancer, how I neglected myself, ignoring, not listening or respecting myself. I had forgotten who I was. I was seeing everyone else but me. Hence, I was losing myself. Cancer, in many ways, opened my eyes to Me !! It brought countless blessings into my life, wonderful people & lots of other things that I would have never taken the time to see or do before. It has been a journey back to myself, to my being, my truth, and mostly to love. Loving and accepting myself for who I am today.This is the most precious gift I can offer to me and to others.

    Participants talk about shifts they experienced after taking Jackie's deep healing course:

    - regaining hope, everything is possible and I have all the tools to improve my life and 'shift' to a better self

    - dealing with my fears and feeling more at ease with them. I have much less fear, almost none!

    - accepting my condition and having confidence in my body

    - learning how to care for my body and enjoying every moment, living better

    - focusing on the present and not worrying about tomorrow

    - living in the present and meeting my own needs

    - changing my way of thinking to more positive

    Course Details:

    Dates: Every Tuesday from Oct. 25th, 2016 to Nov. 29th. 2016 (Bonus Q & A call on Dec. 6th).

    Timing: 2-3:30pm Eastern Time Zone, 11-12:30pm PT.

    Pricing: $449 US

    Early Bird Special:

    For anyone who signs up by Oct. 24th at midnight will receive a special early bird price of $374 (savings of $75!). In order to take advantage of this pricing please use the coupon code: Webinar when you are checking out.

    For my Canadian friends, please use the code Canadian to get the equivalent discount.

    Learn from home:

    Classes will be given live via webinar so you can connect with your computer or phone from anywhere in the world! All sessions will be recorded so that you can listen to them on your own time if you can't make a class one week or you can re-listen to them to deepen or reinforce your understanding of a certain lesson. If a guest speaker is not available on the day of the course, their guest interview will be pre-recorded and shared during the webinar.

    Frequently asked questions:

    1) What if I can't make all or some of the calls live? Is it sill worth it to take the course
    Yes, each call will be recorded and you can listen to them at your convenience. If you have to miss any call but have questions you want addressed, you can send me your questions ahead of time

    2) What if I don't find the answers I am looking for in terms of the role of cancer in my life?

    This is going to be an extremely powerful, life changing course and although no one can guarantee you will find all the answers you are looking for, I can assure you that you will find what you need to help you on your emotional and spiritual healing journey. During the course I will be taking participants through a variety of exercises and guided meditations to help you tune into the message your cancer is bringing you.

    3) What if I am shy about sharing my experiences and some very personal things with strangers.

    This is a normal reaction and one that will likely go away after the first session. You will not be forced to share and you will learn from what other people share and the questions they ask. This is really a 'participate to the level that suits you best' course. What I always let people though is the more you share, the more you learn and grow!

    Jackie's Profile:

    Jackie is a holistic CancerShift coach and creator of the CancerShift approach. She specializes and is passionate about helping people see their cancer in a new light and find the blessing hidden in their struggle. She helps them move from fear and anger to a place of greater peace and understanding from which guidance and deep healing are facilitated.

    Jackie feels she was on several occasions called to work with cancer patients and became passionate about helping and supporting them!

    She is a certified Life Purpose Coach, meditation teacher and certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga Bliss Research and Training Institute). She has been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) and yoga daily for over 22 years.

    She has also pursued studies in Holisitc Cancer Coaching, TM, Belief Closet, Parts Work, Ayurvedic Medicine, Creative Meditation and Visualization, Reiki as well as Spiritual Psychotherapy and Psycho-oncology.

    Jackie graduated in business from Queen's University and spent 20 years in marketing and strategic planning before pursuing her passion as a coach, author, public speaker and workshop leader.

    Money Back Guarantee:

    If after completing the course you don't have a dramatically different view of your cancer as well as a feeling that you are actively participating in your healing, then I will refund you the full price of the course.

    Live Q & A call Monday Oct. 17th from 4-5pm ET, 1-2pm PT.

    Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

    Jackie Roberge

    Course curriculum

    • 1

      Week One - Oct. 25th

      • Seeing your diagnosis in a new light - course content outline

      • Audio recording Week 1 with Joyce O'Brien

      • The Rules for Being Human

      • Immune Booster Guided Meditation

      • E-book to help you maximize the results of your Immune Booster guided meditation and visualization!

      • Homework and practices

    • 2

      Week Two - Nov. 1st.

      • Shifting from fear to faith - course content outline

      • Audio recording Week 2 with Ty Bollinger

      • Fear to Action Worksheet

      • Tips for Staying Grounded

      • Deep Healing Meditation

      • Three Part Spiritual Practices Training Videos

      • Homework & Practices

    • 3

      Week Three - Nov. 8th.

      • Turning inwards for guidance - course content outline

      • Audio recording Week 3 with Dean Shrock

      • 4-Part Article Series about Healing from Cancer

      • 5 Minute Mini Meditation

      • Homework & Practices

    • 4

      Week Four - Nov. 15th

      • The Incredible Healing Power of the Body - course content outline

      • Audio Recording Week 4 with Dr. Madan Bali

      • Ideal Health Worksheet

      • Life Priorities Worksheet

      • Empowered Choices Worksheet

      • Mindfulness Meditation

      • Homework & Practices

    • 5

      Week Five - Nov. 22nd

      • Cancer Personality Types & The Power of your Emotions

      • Audio recording Week 5 with Dr. Susan Silberstein

      • Cancer Thriver Traits

      • Cancer types, related emotional issues and associated chakras

      • Permission Exercise

      • Jackie's Energy Flow Meditation

      • Homework and Practices

    • 6

      Week Six - Nov. 29th

      • Can Cancer lead you to your Calling?

      • Passion Hunting Questions

      • 10 Spiritual Principles to Live By

      • Webinar - 10 Spiritual Principles to Live By

      • Week 6 Recording

      • Homework and Practices

    • 7

      BONUS: Week Seven - Dec. 6th.

      • Bonus 1 Hour Holistic Healing and Question & Answer call

      • Week 7 Recording

      • A 2-Pronged Approach to Healing from Cancer

      • Passion/Purpose Hunting Package

    • 8

      Course Evaluation

      • Course evaluation and feedback