Creating Transformative Spiritual Practices

A 4-week online course to help you start meditating and integrating other practices into your daily routine | taught by Jackie Roberge & Dr. Dean Shrock

Course description

Spiritual Practices - the gateway to a more peaceful and joyful life.

Let us help you create and to stick to a spiritual practice that feels right for you! Spiritual practices can include things like - meditation, a daily gratitude ritual, daily random acts of kindness, mindfulness practices, journaling and many others. During the course we will be presenting our 4 'Must Have' spiritual practices and their many benefits.

Spiritual practices are not a one size fits all. We will guide you to develop practices that you find enjoyable, easy and impactful - i.e. that have an immediate impact on your life.

We will help you not only develop a practice but also give you new insights, new ways of looking at daily challenges by leveraging the 3 key elements of a spiritual approach to living.

Why isn't discipline enough to stick to a spiritual practice?

We will be sharing with you the secrets to help you commit, keep your commitments and create a truly joyful and nurturing spiritual practice.

Course Details:

  • Introductory call (1hr.)
  • 3 Course calls - sessions of 1.5hrs.,
  • You also will receive a 15-minute guided mindfulness meditation and outlines of your homework and worksheets you need to complete.
  • Bonuses:
    • 2 recorded Q & A calls of approximately 35 min. each, one after two 2 and the other after week 4
    • Jackie's 5-minute mini-meditation
    • A 50-minute webinar recording of Jackie's 10 Spiritual Principles to live by - which will help you face any change to greater peace and ease.
  • Price $49 US (for a value of over $200). For Canadian clients please use the coupon code: canada
The course can now be purchased and listened to at your convenience through recorded calls and e-mail follow ups.

Jackie Roberge & Dr. Dean Shrock
Jackie Roberge & Dr. Dean Shrock


Jackie is a certified Holistic Cancer Coach, meditation teacher (and has her own meditation site, a certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga Bliss Research and Training Institute) and a Certified True Purpose Coach. She specializes and is passionate about helping people with cancer see their cancer in a new light and find the blessing hidden in their struggle. She helps them move from fear and anger to a place of more peace, joy and fulfillment.

She has been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) and yoga daily for over 20 years. She has also pursued studies in TM, Belief Closet, Parts Work, Ayurvedic Medicine, Creative Meditation and Visualization, Reiki as well as Spiritual Psychotherapy and Psycho-oncology.


After completing a degree in psychology, in 1977 Dean began training to be a lecturer in a self-help program with its founder, Ken McCauley. In 1986 Dr. Shrock completed a post-doctoral internship where he developed a research proposal for the Cleveland Clinic to test the effectiveness of guided imagery with cancer patients.

Dean also served as Director Of Mind-Body Medicine for a physician’s management group of 40 cancer centres. Here he developed and researched a wellness program, which he taught to thousands of cancer patients and their families. His book, Doctor’s Orders: Go Fishing, details this program and the insights he gained while teaching it. Can you imagine going to the doctor, and the doctor wrote you a prescription to go fishing, or whatever else brought you great joy? That’s what Dr. Shrock did with his cancer patients. And they loved it!