Course Description

Spiritual Practices - the gateway to a more peaceful and joyful life.

Let us help you create and to stick to a spiritual practice that feels right for you! Spiritual practices can include things like - meditation, a daily gratitude ritual, daily random acts of kindness, mindfulness practices, journaling and many others. During the course we will be presenting our 4 'Must Have' spiritual practices and their many benefits.

Spiritual practices are not a one size fits all. We will guide you to develop practices that you find enjoyable, easy and impactful - i.e. that have an immediate impact on your life. 

We will help you not only develop a practice but also give you new insights, new ways of looking at daily challenges by leveraging the 3 key elements of a spiritual approach to living.

Why isn't discipline enough to stick to a spiritual practice?

We will be sharing with you the secrets to help you commit, keep your commitments and create a truly joyful and nurturing spiritual practice.

Course Details:

  • Introductory call (1hr.)
  • 3 Course calls - sessions of 1.5hrs.,
  • You also will receive a 15-minute guided mindfulness meditation and outlines of your homework and worksheets you need to complete.
  • Bonuses: 
    • 2 recorded Q & A calls of approximately 35 min. each, one after two 2 and the other after week 4
    • Jackie's 5-minute mini-meditation
    • A 50-minute webinar recording of Jackie's 10 Spiritual Principles to live by - which will help you face any change to greater peace and ease.
  • Price $39 (for a value of over $200).

The course can now be purchased and listened to at your convenience through recorded calls and e-mail follow ups.

Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

Jackie Roberge

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Week 1 Creating Spiritual Practices

    • Week 1 Creating Spiritual Practices Recording & Homework


    • Permission from your Ego worksheet

    • Guided Mindfulness Meditation

  • 3

    Week 2 Creating Spiritual Practices

    • Week 2 Creating Spirutal Practices Recording & Homework

    • 30 Minute Question & Answer Session

  • 4

    Week 3 Creating Spiritual Practices

    • Week 3 Creating Spritual Practices Recording & Homework

    • Bonus: Mini-Meditation

  • 5

    Week 4 Q & A Creating Spiritual Practices

    • Week 4 Q & A call and homework

    • Bonus: 10 Spiritual Principles to Live By

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